About Us

Family Owned and Operated

As a family owned and operated business serving the community since 1941, Greensides & Breen Insurance Brokers Limited has been providing property insurance, auto insurance, commercial insurance, farm insurance, and recreational insurance policies throughout Ontario for over 70 years.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Greensides and Breen Insurance Brokers is committed to our clients’ best interests by taking the extra steps necessary to ensure they receive quality service and the best value possible.


Customer Service Team

  • Bonnie Robinson – Personal Insurance Lines
  • Melissa Rhodes – Commercial Insurance Lines
  • Pam Zimmersman – Personal Insurance Lines
  • Kimberley Eaton- Personal Insurance Lines/Farm

Admin Team

  • Stacey Giuca
  • Karen Miltchin
  • Alison Wood


  • Bob Bell
  • Larry Young


As faithful clients know and newcomers soon realize, the staff at Greensides and Breen is committed to finding the best value available for our customers. In a business where pricing is set and regulated by governing agencies, Greensides and Breen Insurance Brokers Limited endeavours to obtain the lowest premiums available for the insurance coverage you require.

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